About WiiUEmulator.com

On my site You will find all Nintendo Wii U Emulator Cemu resources and links in one location so you do not have to wonder around Github, Reddit, forums and random websites looking for the pieces of information.

When eventually other working WiiU emulators emerge they will be added to the home page and I will do in depth hands on reviews comparing which emulator is better for each game, and what settings work on older PCs.


The Nintendo Wii U Console

If you think that Wii can’t get any better than it already is, then you’re going to love and enjoy Wii U. The Wii U console is pretty much like the Wii itself, but only better as Wii U its wide range of capabilities and chances that you’ve never thought of while you game happens with the Nintendo Wii U! Like video calling, tablet sketches, watching videos of play through’s and browsing through the Internet. IF you think you still need to get off your gaming console at home just to do all these things, with the Wii U – you don’t have to!

wiiu padThe Wii U emulation gaming console has something for everyone! Even if you aren’t a gamer yourself, you’re sure to enjoy and be addicted to this Nintendo invention! The Wii U controller is the most exciting part of the console of course, with its smörgåsbord technology and the touch screen feature found in the middle of your tablet sized controller. Because of the 6.2 inch touch screen on the Wii U emulator controller, you can play your game with in a different point of view using the Wii U controller, and even use it as a sight when you attach the Nintendo Wii U controller to a Wii gun remote as you play a shooting game. For artists who are also gamers, here’s the best part. Because of the touch screen that Wii U has, you have the chance and the opportunity to use this as your own pen tablet while working on a new art work through the help you’re your WiiU controller!


Step by Step Guide:

1. First you need to copy file 1’s nusgrabber to file 2.
2. Then open NEW-NUSGrabberGUI.exe
3. Click Update VersionList and then find your game.
4. On the right hand side click Latest.
5. Select Download.
6. Click “Decrypt Download” then go to the folder NEW-NUSGrabberGUI.
7. You’ll see a new folder. Open using “Decrypt Download.”
8. It will ask you for the “ckey.bin.” To get this, you’ll need to select “ckey.bin” in the home folder of NEW-NUSGrabberGUI.
9. You will see “0005000E101C4D00” or something similar. Set this file aside.
10. Open the Uwizard of File 3.
11. Proceed to the Settings tab and copy the common key in Wii U into TOP SLOT ONLY.
12. Go to WUD Manager.
13. Click “Add Folder” which you can find on the left hand side. Open the .wud file folder of the game you want to update.
14. Select the added game. Enter the key on the right hand side center.
15.Select “Extract Game Files” which you’ll see at the bottom right hand area.
16. Select Data folder on the extracted game.
17. Proceed to the file 0005000E101C4D0 and copy the code, content and meta folders.
18. In the new merged game folder which often seems to have some dumb name, open it using your Wii U emulator. This .rpx file should not be hard to find.