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Our Wii U game Key Database. As an alternative you can check r/kfwu, proceed to wiki subsection and find the keys there.

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You can download from Supporters who sign up to contribute monthly donations via Patron program receive access to the last version of the Cemu a week early. 

If you want to play Wii games on your PC, here are the things you’ll need:

Wii U console key + the key of the game you want to update. (refer to Wii U Title Key Database)

You can check this by going to r/kfwu, proceed to wiki subsection and then find the keys.

A completely backed up Wii U .wud or .wux file. This is important in case you mess something up. 

An emulator for your Wii U. (Currently the only working Wii U emulator for PC is CEMU)


Nintendo WiiU

WiiU Homebrew games, apps and tools - home made software that is distributed as freeware or shareware.
External USB 3.0 WiiU HDD for faster loading of games and copying game backups.
Action Reply Cheat Codes. and WiiU Walkthroughs

pad iconThe Wii U emu controller doesn’t only allow you to look through your game from the television set down to the controller like a Nintendo DS but it also gives you the chance to go through the gaming websites and watch video game walk throughs with the help of the WiiU controller. First it comes as a controller, and then a tablet – now it’s a hand held PC. The Wii U emulator gives you the opportunity to go through the World Wide Web and enjoy vlogs and videos just like any other computer would. The WiiU has proven itself versatile with so many capabilities that only the Wii U can give you.

WiiU Emu the best Emulator Downloads and mods.

With the Emulator of Wii U controller, you can connect one to four Wiimotes as you play and enjoy a certain game. You are sure to enjoy the game play of the Wii U controller, as you not only move your analog stick but your whole body as well for the game to be played. The Nintendo WiiU gives a whole body experience so not only does your mind immerse in the game - but so does your body, and that's what gamers want and what they really dream off while going through a certain game!

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